Built in salamander eye level grill


Built in salamander eye level grill


This amazing product conceals the Foldaway grill below the work top, then at the touch of a button, raises it majestically to eye-level. 




  • Has all the benefits of the foldaway grill but can be located under your worktop to be elevated for use at the touch of a button.
  • Optional rotisserie grill kit available

The built in salamander eye level grill is ideal for those who may not have a handy wall in their kitchen to mount a grill onto.  It is fully self supporting when it is in the raised position so it can be fitted into island units and raised and lowered as required.  It can be easily fitted behind a base cupboard and because of its narrow depth does not need a lot of space.  For extra convenience, there is a remote control function in addition to a push button facility.  Full technical details are available so that you can integrate it into your kitchen plans easily and seamlessly.

The built in salamander includes the space saving foldaway salamander eye level grill which, when raised, is mounted at just the right height for convenient and controllable cooking/holding/finishing/melting/browning/reheating.  Versatility wrapped up in a discrete and stylish package to enhance any kitchen.


An eye level grill means there is no more bending down to peer into a low oven or grill compartment, which is great for sore backs.  Also, the foldaway salamander grill is completely self contained with in-door grill pan storage so you just need to open the door, remove the grill pan and start cooking.


The foldaway salamander eye level grill has open sides so you can see how your cooking is progressing from anywhere in the kitchen, giving you more control and eliminating the blind cooking and burnt offerings of the past.

Looking good

Commercial salamanders are large and pretty ugly so are not suited for use in a domestic setting, whereas the foldaway salamander grill from Hi-Grill is a masterpiece of classic design that will look at home in any kitchen.


  • Neatly folds away to a slim 106mm
  • Powerful 2.8kW grill for fast healthy cooking
  • Variable heat control
  • Simply plugs into a standard 13 amp socket
  • Available in black, white or stainless steel door finishes
  • Unique in-door grill pan storage so when opened the grill is always ready to use
  • Grill pan slides in and out easily with detachable handle
  • 4 grill pan height positions
  • Easy clean and hygienic stainless steel and enameled interior
  • Optional rotisserie grill kit available
  • Grill lifts on/off a separate wall bracket with 3 fixings (fixings not supplied)

Grill Specification

Power supply: 240V AC, 50Hz, 10A, 2.8kW single phase
Weight: 17kG
Sizes: L 560mm x H 350mm x D 110mm closed (370mm open)
Clearances to combustible materials (these do not apply if non combustible materials are used eg tiles, stainless steel linings)

  • to adjacent wall cupboards – 100mm
  • to ceiling – 700mm



Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 60-70 × 15 × 87-147 cm


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