Rotisserie grill kit


Rotisserie grill kit


The optional large capacity Rotisserie option fits on to all Hi-Grill salamander eye level grill products, is easy to use, and allows you to spit roast food as you would find in the best bistros and restaurants.



A mains operated rotisserie grill kit designed to fit to the Hi-Grill foldaway, fixed and built under salamander eye level grills. 

  • Can be fitted onto the foldaway, fixed and built-under salamander eye level grills
  • Comes ready assembled with own carrier, spit rod, holding forks and motor.  You just need to hook it onto the eye level grill of your choice
  • Simply plugs into a standard 13 amp socket
  • Virtually silent operation
  • Ideal for succulent rotisseried poultry, game and meats
  • Mounted at eye level so is very easy to use and keep an eye on how your food is progressing

The unique Hi-Grill rotisserie grill kit simply fits onto any Hi-Grill model when you need it and brings to you all the many advantages and joys of old-time open spit roasting, undoubtedly the best and most succulent way of cooking poultry, game and meats. Quick, clean and economical, the Hi-Grill Rotisserie grill kit is a must have accessory.

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