Fixed Salamander Plus


Fixed Salamander Plus




The Fixed Salamander Plus eye level grill can be mounted at just the right height for convenient and controllable cooking/holding/finishing/melting/browning/reheating. Cooking versatility wrapped up in a clever design with open sides and base, fully variable heat control and a 2 handled grill pan.

More convenience

It can be placed at eye level which means that there is no more bending down to peer into a low oven or grill compartment, which is great for sore backs. Also, the Fixed Salamander Plus eye level grill is completely self contained with the 2 handled grill pan stored in the grill so you just need to switch it on and start cooking.

More control

There is fully variable heat control via the control knob located on the right hand side of the grill.  Also, the open sides of the Fixed Salamander Plus eye level grill allows you to keep an eye on how your cooking is progressing from anywhere in the kitchen, and the open base will not obstruct sight lines to your hob, meaning you are always in control of your cooking.

Free up some space

Keep your worktop clear of clutter by mounting the Fixed Salamander Plus eye level grill on the wall.  Don’t want to drill into your walls?  No problem.  You can hang your Fixed Salamander Plus eye level grill on the Freestanding Backsplash Support accessory which can be positioned around a hob or on any flat surface in your kitchen.

Looking good

Commercial salamander grills tend to be large and pretty ugly so are not suited for use in a domestic setting, whereas the minimalist and open design of the Fixed Salamander Plus eye level grill means it is small and neat enough to fit over a hob without standing out like a sore thumb. Gleaming black enamel and aluminium add the finishing touches.


  • Mount yours on the wall for convenient eye level grilling
  • Keep safe with the easy to use sliding 2 handled grill pan
  • The unique open design means you can easily keep an eye on what’s cooking on your hob
  • The 2.8kW grill gives you the power for fast healthy cooking
  • Choose the heat you want with the fully variable heat control
  • Just plug it into a standard 13 amp socket and start grilling
  • Finished in black enamel with stainless steel trim
  • 2 grill pan height positions
  • The hygienic aluminium interior is easy to keep clean
  • Grill lifts on/off wall fixings (supplied)
  • Optional no installation freestanding backsplash support accessory available


Power supply: 240V AC, 50Hz, 10A, 2.8kW single phase
Weight: 6kG
Sizes: L 450mm x H 225mm x D 270mm
Clearances to combustible materials (these clearances do not apply if non combustible materials are used eg tiles, stainless steel linings)

  • to adjacent wall cupboards – 100mm
  • to ceiling – 700mm

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 45 × 27 × 22.5 cm


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