Eye Level Grill Index

Use this eye level grill index to research the options there are available to you. The index is sub divided into sectors that include wall and bench mounted eye level grills for the home that are either stand alone or as part of a cooker, commercial grills, and microwave grills. This is not an exhaustive list but should give an idea of what is available in the market place. Other brands and retailers are available.

Wall and bench mounted eye level grills for the home.

Hi-Grill is the only brand to produce separate grills designed for home use.

BrandModelPhotoPriceClick to go to supplierNotes
Hi-GrillFixed Salamander£180.00https://hi-grill.com/product/fixed-salamander-eye-level-grill/Electric. Can be table top mounted using freestanding stainless steel backsplash.
Fixed Salamander Plus£245.00https://hi-grill.com/product/fixed-salamander-plus/Electric. Can be table top mounted using freestanding stainless steel backsplash.
Foldaway Salamander£395.00https://hi-grill.com/product/foldaway-salamander-eye-level-grill/Electric.
Freestanding stainless steel backsplash£65.00https://hi-grill.com/product/freestanding-backsplash-support/Add to Fixed Salamander and Fixed Salamander Plus

Wall and bench mounted commercial grills

There are a number of commercial brands available. Lincat is shown but other leading brands include Parry, Falcon and Blue Seal. They are designed for commercial use so tend to be fairly hot and more utilitarian in their design.

BrandModelPhotoPriceClick to go to supplierNotes
LincatLynx 400 LGT £299.00https://www.nisbets.co.uk/lincat-lynx-400-salamander-grill/j766Electric. Shelf/bench light duty commercial grill
Silverlink 600 Grill GR3£409.99https://www.nisbets.co.uk/lincat-silverlink-600-salamander-grill/j540Electric. Shelf/bench medium duty commercial grill
Opus 800 OE8304£1199.99https://www.nisbets.co.uk/lincat-opus-800-salamander-grill/dm564Electric. Shelf/bench heavy duty commercial grill

Cookers with eye level grill

An ever diminishing choice of cookers with eye level grills is now available. and further limited to all gas models 50cm wide. There are no electric models available.

BrandModelPhotoPriceClick to go to supplierNotes
BekoKA52NEW£330.00https://www.hughes.co.uk/product/kitchen-appliances/cooking/gas-and-dual-fuel-cookers/beko/ka52newGas. 50cm width.
FlavelFHLG51W£369.00https://www.currys.co.uk/products/flavel-fhlg51w-gas-cooker-white-21408635.htmlGas. 50cm width.
MontpellierMEL50W£359.00https://neappliances.com/cooking/cookers/gas-cookers?brand=montpellierGas. 50cm width.

Microwave grills

Grills within a microwave are no doubt convenient and can be at eye level if built into a kitchen or mounted on top of the worktop. Grill power is limited to around 1000W, compared to 2500W plus on a dedicated grill, and grilling is behind a closed door.

BrandModelPhotoPriceClick to go to supplierNotes
HotpointMWH26321MB£150.00https://ao.com/l/microwaves-free_standing-microwave_with_grill/1-9-85/42-50/Free standing.
SMEGCucina FM1425X£399.00https://markselectrical.co.uk/smeg-built-in-microwaves.html?types=built-in-combination-microwaves,built-in-standard-microwaves,built-in-microwaves-with-grillBuilt in.
BoschSerie4 BEL523MSOB£469.00https://www.johnlewis.com/bosch-serie-4-bel523ms0b-built-in-combination-microwave-with-grill-stainless-steel/p3529273Built in.
PanasonicNN-K18JMMBPQ£75.00https://www.argos.co.uk/product/8521804Free standing

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